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Three-day conference in Paris in order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of de Broglie's founding papers on matter waves

100 years ago, Louis de Broglie, faced with the crisis of the physics of his time, proposed a hypothesis which, in the words of Einstein, "lifted a corner of the great veil". This hypothesis, the existence of matter waves, will constitute the starting point of modern quantum mechanics.

The aim of the conference will be to commemorate de Broglie's 3 articles on matter waves published in 1923 with 3 days of presentations and discussions on the contemporary aspects of matter waves.

We will address topics ranging from the state of the art concerning the observation of matter waves (macro-molecules, atomic interferometry and cold atoms, electron optics and neutronics), to fundamental questions concerning the nature of these waves, as well as  presentations discussing technological applications or giving a historical perspective.

The conference is associated with the activities commemorating the 150th anniversary of the French Physical Society (SFP), taking place the same week in Paris: 150 years of the SFP.




Organisation and practical information

  • The conference will take place on the Cordeliers Campus of Sorbonne Université in central Paris' Latin Quarter. The conference will last  3 full days, starting on July 3 in the morning and ending on July 5 late afternoon.
  • Registration is free but mandatory (see the "Registration" link on the left for details).
  • A call for abstracts is open (talks or posters). Please submit your abstracts through this website.
  • Additional practical details will be posted on this website (click on the link "Practical Information" on the left menu).




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