Conferenciers confirmes

  • Hartmut Abele (TU Wien)

  • Markus Arndt (Univ. Vienna)
    Universal Matter-Wave Interferometry ABSTRACT

  • Herman Baatelan (Univ. Nebraska, Lincoln)
    Quantum force and space-time topology in the Aharonov-Bohm effect ABSTRACT

  • Michael Berry (Bristol)
    Quantum trajectories, quantum potential, superoscillations: Bohm, Madelung, de Broglie, Newton ABSTRACT
  • Olivier Darrigol (Sphere, CNRS, Paris)
    Louis de Broglie's discovery of matter waves ABSTRACT
  • Gabriel Dutier (LPL, Univ. Paris-13)
    Testing the standard model using atom interferometry ABSTRACT
  • Daniel Fargue & Claude Daviau (Institut de Broglie, Paris)
    The association of wave and particle behaviour in de Broglie's works ABSTRACT
  • Ron Folman (Ben Gurion Univ, Beer Sheva)
    Realization of a complete Stern-Gerlach interferometer: Towards a test of quantum gravity ABSTRACT
  • Alexandre Gauguet & Jacques Vigué (LCAR, Toulouse)
    Macroscopic scale matter wave interferometers for exploring quantum physics ABSTRACT
  • Marco Giammarchi (INFN Milano)
    Antimatter Quantum Interferometry ABSTRACT

  • Saïda Guellati-Khélifa (LKB, Paris)
    Testing the standard model using atom interferometry ABSTRACT

  • Basil Hiley (Birbeck, London)
    Inertial mass, rest mass and the quantum potential:  de Broglie’s pioneering work on conformal rescaling

  • Ido Kaminer (Technion, Haifa)
    Free-electron quantum optics ABSTRACT
  • Chieko Kojima (Nihon Univ., Tokyo)
    Influence of Louis de Broglie’s Matter Wave Theory on Japanese physicists ABSTRACT
  • Arnaud Landragin (SYRTE, CNRS Paris)
    Atomic interferometry based inertial sensors ABSTRACT

  • Franck Lepine (ILM, CNRS Lyon)
    Attosecond scattering delays in photo-ionized molecules ABSTRACT
  • Tracy Northup (Univ. Innsbruck)
  • Pierre Pelcé (Irphé CNRS, Marseille)
    From “ La Nouvelle Théorie de la Lumière ” to the quantum relativistic equations for two particles ABSTRACT
  • Patrick Peter (CNRS, Inst. d'Astrophysique de Paris)
    Trajectories in quantum cosmology ABSTRACT
  • Elena Magdalena Staicu Casagrande (ISMO, Univ. Paris-Saclay)
    Fast Atom Diffraction from crystalline surfaces at femtometer wavelengths: where is the quantum limit? ABSTRACT
  • Aephraim Steinberg (Univ. Toronto)
  • Ward Struyve (KU Leuven)
    Scope of the action principle ABSTRACT
  • Anthony Valentini (Clemson Univ.)
    De Broglie's matter waves and the search for new physics ABSTRACT



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