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  • Hartmut Abele (TU Wien)
    A quantum bouncing ball gravity resonance spectrometer ABSTRACT

  • Markus Arndt (Univ. Vienna)
    Universal Matter-Wave Interferometry ABSTRACT

  • Herman Baatelan (Univ. Nebraska, Lincoln)
    Quantum force and space-time topology in the Aharonov-Bohm effect ABSTRACT

  • Michael Berry (Bristol)
    Quantum trajectories, quantum potential, superoscillations: Bohm, Madelung, de Broglie, Newton ABSTRACT
  • Olivier Darrigol (Sphere, CNRS, Paris)
    Louis de Broglie's discovery of matter waves ABSTRACT
  • Gabriel Dutier (LPL, Univ. Paris-13)
    Atomic diffraction through a material grating ABSTRACT
  • Daniel Fargue & Claude Daviau (Institut de Broglie, Paris)
    The association of wave and particle aspects in the works of Louis de Broglie and his collaborators, and novel developments ABSTRACT
  • Ron Folman (Ben Gurion Univ, Beer Sheva)
    Stern-Gerlach Splitting and Wave-Particle Duality, Recombined ABSTRACT
  • Alexandre Gauguet & Jacques Vigué (LCAR, Toulouse)
    Macroscopic scale matter wave interferometers for exploring quantum physics ABSTRACT
  • Marco Giammarchi (INFN Milano)
    Antimatter Quantum Interferometry ABSTRACT

  • Saïda Guellati-Khélifa (LKB, Paris)
    Testing the standard model using atom interferometry ABSTRACT

  • Basil Hiley (Birbeck, London)
    Inertial mass, rest mass and the quantum potential:  de Broglie’s pioneering work on conformal rescaling ABSTRACT

  • Ido Kaminer (Technion, Haifa)
    Free-electron quantum optics ABSTRACT
  • Chieko Kojima (Nihon Univ., Tokyo)
    Influence of Louis de Broglie’s Matter Wave Theory on Japanese physicists ABSTRACT
  • Arnaud Landragin (SYRTE, CNRS Paris)
    Atomic interferometry based inertial sensors ABSTRACT

  • Franck Lepine (ILM, CNRS Lyon)
    Attosecond scattering delays in photo-ionized molecules ABSTRACT
  • Tracy Northup (Univ. Innsbruck)
    Levitated nanoparticles: the road ahead to macroscopic superpositions ABSTRACT
  • Pierre Pelcé (Irphé CNRS, Marseille)
    From “ La Nouvelle Théorie de la Lumière ” to the quantum relativistic equations for two particles ABSTRACT
  • Patrick Peter (CNRS, Inst. d'Astrophysique de Paris)
    Trajectories in quantum cosmology ABSTRACT
  • Elena Magdalena Staicu Casagrande (ISMO, Univ. Paris-Saclay)
    Fast Atom Diffraction from crystalline surfaces at femtometer wavelengths: where is the quantum limit? ABSTRACT
  • Aephraim Steinberg (Univ. Toronto)
    Fluctuat nec Mergitur – atom waves tunneling, spinning, colliding, and resonating in structures made of light. ABSTRACT
  • Ward Struyve (KU Leuven)
    Scope of the action principle ABSTRACT
  • Antony Valentini (Clemson Univ.)
    Beyond the Born rule in quantum gravity ABSTRACT




  • Léon Brenig (Univ. Libre de Bruxelles)
    A bridge between Schrödinger equation and Schrödinger Bridge process ABSTRACT
  • José Croca (Univ. Lisboa)
    De Broglie's Causal Research Realistic Program and the Lisbon School ABSTRACT
  • Debarshi Das (University College London)
    Mass-independent test of quantumness of a massive object ABSTRACT
  • Siddhant Das (LMU Munich)
    Double-slit experiment remastered ABSTRACT
  • Daniel Shanahan (The University of Sydney)
    What is a matter wave? Revisiting the famous thesis of 1923 ABSTRACT





Plasma-like description for quantum particles

Andrey Akhmeteli (LTASolid, Houston)

Space-time resolved quantum field approach to Klein tunneling dynamics of fermions and bosons

Mohammed Alkhateeb (CYU Cergy Paris)

From observer-dependent facts to frame-dependent measurement records in Wigner friend Scenarios

Jawad Allam (CYU Cergy Paris)

Towards models of wave-particle duality and quantum measurement based on stochastic fields with future-input dependence

Nathan Argaman (Ben Gurion Univ., Beer-Sheva)

Obtaining entanglement by particle indistinguishability

Ewa Borsuk (Inst. of Nuclear Physics, Krakow)

On a possible Wave-memory interpretation for Quantum Mechanics - An attempt to unify pilot-wave theory with standard QM formalism

Paulo Castro (Univ. Lisboa)

Structure de l'onde et paramètres libres.

Jacques Consiglio (Fondation Louis de Broglie, Paris)

On Schrodingerist Quantum Thermodynamics

Leonardo De Carlo (Libera Univ. Inter. degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli, Roma)

Observation of Fractional Elementary Charges in a

Periodic Many-body Quantum System

Klaus Müller-Dethlefs and François Michels (Univ. of Manchester)

Une expérience pour mieux comprendre les ondes de phase et de matière de Louis de Broglie

Alexandre Gondran (ENAC, Toulouse)

Relaxation to quantum equilibrium and the Born rule in Nelson's stochastic dynamics

Vincent Hardel (Univ. Strasbourg)

Fast Atom Diffraction from crystalline surfaces at femtometer wavelengths: where is the quantum limit?

Hocine Khemliche (ISMO, CNRS/Univ. Paris-Saclay)

Quantum sensing for gravity cartography

Samuel Lellouch (Univ. of Birmingham)

Towards a high data rate atom interferometric

gravimeter (HIDRAG)

for gravity map matching navigation

Yu-Hung Lien(Univ. of Birmingham)

Does the 'Complex' wavefunction of Quantum Mechanics represents anything 'Real' at all?

T. S. Natarajan (Indian Institute of Technology Madras/Tirupati,)

Modèles de contact pour les résonances à N corps

Ludovic Pricoupenko (LPTMC, Sorbonne Univ.)

Multiple Longitudinal Stern Gerlach Effect in Wave

Mechanics with Hydrogen Atoms

Jacques Robert (Université Paris-Saclay)

Phase and trajectories: face and tail of the same conceptual framework

Angel Sanz (Univ. Complutense Madrid)

Corrélation quantiques entre la Terre et la Lune

Jean Schneider (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)

Time, unitarity and normalizability in pilot-wave approach to quantum gravity in Ashtekar formulation

Indrajit Sen (Chapman Univ.)

Frequency-comb-driven Atom Interferometry

Cyrille Solaro (LKB, ENS,Paris)

Scaling properties of response functions: from quantum fluctuations to quantum potential

Peter Szabo (KU Leuven)

De Broglie's Thesis, Constants of Nature and Simplicity

Alexander Unzicker (Pestalozzi-Gymnasium München)

Spin evolution in the Stern-Gerlach experiment and the role of the Quantum Potential

Peter Van Reeth (University College London)

Matter-wave interferometry: quantum engineering of robust atomic sensors with composite pulses

Thomas Zanon (LERMA, Sorbonne Univ.)

Voyage à trois: Mapping between Schrödinger evolution, fluid flow and curved spacetime

Konstantin Zloshchastiev (Durban Univ. of Technology)

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