Call for abstracts

  • Call for Abstracts: Instructions

A few slots for oral contributions, as well as boards for posters are available.

In order to submit an abstract, you must first log in using your credentials. If you do not have an account, you must create an account here.

Once connected, click on "My submissions". You must then choose the nature of the submission:
- apply for an oral contribution exclusively,
- apply for an oral contribution, or for a poster if there are no more talk slots available,
- apply for a poster;
as well as the type of work presented:
- predominantly experimental work,
- predominantly theoretical work,
- work dealing with historical or philosophical aspects of matter waves,

In any case, you must then submit an abstract (1 page, pdf format) including the title and summary of your contribution, the authors, and their affiliations.

An e-mail will confirm that the contribution request has been submitted. A response concerning the acceptance of the contribution will be sent within 3 to 6 weeks and no later than the end of May 2023. Please do not forget to register (registration is independent from abstract submissions).

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