About the Conference

The aim of the international conference “100 years of matter waves – Louis de Broglie conference 2023” is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of de Broglie’s founding papers proposing the hypothesis of matter waves, one of the starting points of modern quantum mechanics. The conference will take place July 3 to July 5 2023 at Sorbonne-Université (Cordeliers campus) in central Paris.


The conference aims to cover several topics related to matter waves, with themes ranging from the state of the art concerning the observation of matter waves (macro-molecules, atomic interferometry and cold atoms, electron optics and neutronics), to fundamental questions concerning the nature of these waves, as well as presentations discussing technological applications or giving a historical perspective.


The conference is organized by:
Aurélien Drezet (Institut Néel, CNRS, Grenoble)
Thomas Durt (Institut Fresnel, Ecole centrale Marseille, Marseille)
Alexandre Matzkin (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, CNRS & CY Cergy Paris Université)
Jacques Robert (Laboratoire de physique des gaz et plasmas, Université de Paris-Saclay)
Cyrille Solaro (Laboratoire Kastler-Brossel, Sorbonne Université, Ecole Normale Supérieure)

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